Helpingsteps is a community-based program that is situated in Kenya and is within the initial starting stages and for now, only offers a mobile community Kitchen. The Community Kitchen is not large nor is it capable of providing for all the children as it is limited due to financial constraints. It is critical to note that as for now the Helping Steps program is self-financed and is unable to critically address the needs of the children. While the kitchen community does offer food and water, it is imperative to cater to the overall development of the children. The program aims at offering a safe and hospitable environment for the children in order to cater to their needs and sustainability as they grow into adults.


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Hi! I'm a girl who is born and raised in Norway “Richest Country in the world” they say.
But what is wealth?  I was also born in a time where a reasonable intelligent person with a decent work ethic could cultivate a lifestyle where I could consume goods around the work. With sufficient resources in the bank to live without sickness of hunger, deprivation or fear. - I have been traveling all my life, all over the world.
I don't always go on vacation, when I visit a country I want to feel it, I want to see and be where the tourists don't go.
Last year I travelled to Uganda and Tanzania.
I experienced children who had one goal for the day, finding bottles to make paraffin to make heat for the night.
Or have to skip school because they have to help there families to survive.
Or girls married at the age of 11 because they have no choice. Its called surviving for them. - At one point We where lost in the rainforest, we was walking about an hour and a big storm was coming. Middle of nowhere we where saved by this family. “We have room for you, we are rich” they said.
And they didnt mean by money or things. They had each other and they where many.
Remember non of what you have are given, its a results of a fortunate mix of time, place and circumstance. “Almost all of wich is totally beyond our control”
You have not lived today untill you have done something for someone who can never repay you


One of the main motivations for opening this charity is to be able to give help and voice to those who are in need. From an early age, I have always been interested in making the world a better place for everyone. My interest expanded from my home area to other regions because I realized that while we may have a comfortable life, there are many other people out there who face a lot of challenges and cannot even afford the most basic needs. , After seeing how these children are treated and what they go through, I would like to help them and change the story of their lives. I want to give them a loving home, education, food and clothes so that they can have a better life.


I recognize the challenges associated with poverty. I study international relations in order to understand and have a better view of the world as a whole. My dream is to see each child have a better life and a future that they deserve. Most of these children have a very good potential but lack the resources needed to achieve their goals. It is therefore my belief that this project will positively change and save the lives of many young people because they are our future generation and have the power to change the world to a better place


The ultimate goal is to eventually eradicate poverty, in which lifetime this will occur who knows however I will make it my life’s mission to do all I can with whatever I can to make a difference. Since a child I have always had a strong desire to be able to contribute to elevating those who are impoverished. I never understood the disparity between how some people could have all that they desired and more and some people lacked the most basic survival essentials. As I grew and gained a better understanding of societal development, social structures and economics my confusion turned to anger which turned to action.  From volunteering to campaigning it is only through sincere effort, will, unity, compassion and cooperation will we get any closer to a fairer and equal world for everyone. Through helping steps we commit in playing our role in providing a necessary tool to enable those most in need to get one step further

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