Dominic Story

Dominic intends to become a   Mechanic/ entertainer  and at times he has hope, but mostly he has hunger, scorn, and hatred from the public. He states “when my father died, everything in my life changed. I am seventeen years old yet I feel I have lived a hundred years. My stepfather was a drunkard and beat me every chance I got. My mother offered no help and was at times helping my stepfather starve me. I am tired of the streets; all I want is a home and an education. I look at my life and see that my teenage years are over. Is this all I will ever become?”. Dominic states that the mobile kitchen is heaven sent and he acts as the leader to ensure that each child gets food

121 million children are not being given the chance to go to school. Millions more are in school but failing to learn. With your help, Street Child can build schools, train teachers and support the most vulnerable children in the world to go to school. 

When children are given the chance to learn, they have a chance to break free from poverty. They have a chance to build a brighter future for their families, their communities and their countries. 

Every child deserves that chance.

Donate today and give the gift of education. 

Make a donation to Street Child and change a life.

Reasons for running away

Poverty is one of the main factors in children migrating to the cities and the streets. Many children run away to escape from extreme violence at the hands of parents and authority figures.

There is a universal desire for self-improvement through education in children living on the streets, and many leave home after being forced to work because their families cannot afford the cost of schooling

Dangers on the streets

The situation children find themselves in is often worse than the one they left. Rape and sexual violence are common experiences for many children on the streets of Tanzania and Kenya, and Boys are particularly at risk.

Food, clothing, shelter are hard to come by, and children resort to scavenging on rubbish dumps or being exploited and made to work.

Helpingsteps is a community-based program that is situated in Kenya and is within the initial starting stages and for now, only offers a mobile community Kitchen. The Community Kitchen is not large nor is it capable of providing for all the children as it is limited due to financial constraints. It is critical to note that as for now the Helping Steps program is self-financed and is unable to critically address the needs of the children. While the kitchen community does offer food and water, it is imperative to cater to the overall development of the children. The program aims at offering a safe and hospitable environment for the children in order to cater to their needs and sustainability as they grow into adults.


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