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Why Children with disabilities do not survive in Africa?

Poverty and disability in a vicious cycleBoth adults and children with disabilities are excluded from education and employment. This exclusion prevents them from being able to make a living and get out of poverty. In fact, people with disabilities are the poorest people in the world. In addition, if a person was in the middle class, had an accident or illness that left him disabled - he almost certainly will become poor. Also parents to children with disabilities can’t find a job, and are often not allowed to bring their disabled children to work, becoming very poor. Children with disabilities are hidden in the houses and don’t see the light of day"Disability is a punishment from God" – A common belief in Kenya is that if someone has a disabled child, it means he is punished for his sins, and many who don’t want other to know they have sinned, hide their child in the house.I was aware to this phenomenon in my first visit in Kenya during 2015. My Kenyan team explained about the different ways they are trying to fight it, and to locate those neglected children. Their stories about children that were locked in the houses for all their lives were horrified, and in particular because children with disabilities who always require special attention and are being left without almost any attention or often being abused. Children with disabilities that are treated as less than human, with no hope, and aren't allowed to go to school.

If I asked myself why most of the people with disabilities in Kenya are children and met only a few adults now I found the answer; Children in Africa do not survive to reach adulthood.
There is no awareness and no knowledge of disability, its medical causes and treatment.
Shedding a light on the lives of people with disabilities should not be a matter of good deeds. We are responsible to one another, and the world's situation today for people with disabilities is a reflection of our actions and desires. Ignoring this situation is impossible, and to me it is no less terrible than seeing someone seriously abused in the middle of the street and just keep walking. When we become aware of a certain subject and it troubles us, we know how to stand up and shout, get up and do something about it. Well, now you know

Helpingsteps is a community-based program that is situated in Kenya and is within the initial starting stages and for now, only offers a mobile community Kitchen. The Community Kitchen is not large nor is it capable of providing for all the children as it is limited due to financial constraints. It is critical to note that as for now the Helping Steps program is self-financed and is unable to critically address the needs of the children. While the kitchen community does offer food and water, it is imperative to cater to the overall development of the children. The program aims at offering a safe and hospitable environment for the children in order to cater to their needs and sustainability as they grow into adults.


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