Health and well-being

One of the main aims of helping Steps is to ensure the complete well-being of children from the streets. They usually face a lot of challenges including drug addiction, psychological problems, malnutrition, poor health and abuse. As such, most of them are in great need of health

services and close monitoring. The home consists of a psychiatrist who helps them to deal with the issues that they face while ensuring easy integration into the rehabilitation centre. This includes talking to them one by one, and also in groups in order to assist them to cope both mentally and emotionally. Some of these children have faced violent rape while on the streets or abuse. In addition, others have depression, anxiety and mental illness. They need to be assessed and closely monitored to come up with a way to heal them not just physically, but psychologically as well.  Most homeless youth in Kenya use drugs and smoke glue in order to get them high to avoid dealing with the hard times they are going through while in the streets. The home has put in place rehabilitation clinics to assist them in dealing with drug abuse and get better. Furthermore, there is a hospital to treat various illnesses, as well as a nutritionist to advice on diet for them to live healthy life